VIVO Y35, 8/128, DAWN GOLD

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Product Description

Exemplary 44 W FlashCharge

You can quit fretting about the battery life since the Vivo Y35's 44 W FlashCharge can recharge it to a suitable level in 15 minutes and up to 70% of its original capacity in roughly 34 minutes. Additionally, when you are out, the reverse charging capability also extends to your other devices, allowing you to stay carefree.

Intelligent Extended RAM 3.0

This phone boasts 8 GB of RAM, and you can deploy up to 8 GB of your free ROM space as additional RAM to facilitate fast app switching. This way, you can seamlessly download and run all of your favourite programmes.

Snapdragon 680 Superiority

With the Octa-core Snapdragon 680 processor from Qualcomm, which features a remarkable 6 nm architecture with four A73 cores and four A53 cores and can operate at up to 2.4GHz, you can experience astounding CPU and GPU performance and take advantage of the wonderful user interface.

Monstrous 5000 mAh Battery

The excellent 5000 mAh (TYP) battery of the Vivo Y35 puts to rest your battery-related worries. A single full charge can give you up to 2 days of standby time, 14.3 hours of online HD movie streaming, or 7.05 hours of graphically demanding video games thanks to AI power-saving technology.

Exceptional 50 MP Main Camera

This phone's 50 MP main camera leverages a large sensor to capture light like a professional camera, resulting in breathtaking 50 MP high-definition photos every time. This allows you to endure the mesmerising moments in life through photos that are rich in exquisite detail, even those that were taken at night.

Efficient Rear Camera with EIS

Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) and stabilisation algorithms help the smartphone's back camera system to produce stable, clear videos. Moreover, you can always capture stable footage when moving about, whether you're jogging or cycling, capturing distant scenery or individuals in your immediate vicinity.

Intuitive Fingerprint Sensor

You can turn on and unlock this phone simultaneously owing to the Side Fingerprint design, which combines the fingerprint scanner with the power button. The user interaction is nearly effortless thanks to this design, which also makes the Y35 seem slick and elegant. Additionally, it takes about 0.24 seconds to unlock from a lit screen, and thanks to the amazing Face Wake function, you can start using your phone as soon as you glance at it.

Terrific Ultra Game Mode

This phone's Ultra Game Mode's Esports Mode amplifies the intensity of your regular gaming sessions. Additionally, ear-tailored audio effects immerse you in the adventure of your favourite game. The gaming experience is further made exciting with innovative technologies like Do Not Disturb, Brightness Lock, and Game Picture-in-Picture.

Fantastic Operating System

Once your phone is on, a single glimpse can provide you with all the important information you require, and all information is unencrypted and reassembled for convenient access, redefining the user-friendliness of this phone. Additionally, iManager is available at all times to handle important activities and enhance phone performance.

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