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Effective Cleaning
Simplify your laundry routine with the SAMSUNG 11kg Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine, which ensures a hassle-free and efficient washing process for families of 8-10 members. Furthermore, it features up to 10 versatile wash programs to effectively tackle various laundry loads.

Stainless Steel 2nd Diamond Drum
The 2nd Diamond Drum in this washing machine takes care of your clothes during the wash, ensuring their longevity. Additionally, the robust stainless steel construction ensures a reliable and consistent washing performance for years to come.

700 RPM Spin Speed
Utilising a robust 700 RPM spin speed, this fully automatic washing machine excels at efficiently extracting water from your laundry, facilitating rapid drying.

Built-in Heater
Integrated with a built-in heater, this washing machine optimises water temperature to effortlessly tackle tough stains like coffee spills or ink stains on your kids' clothes.

Magic Filter
Built with a magic filter, this washing machine not only helps trap lint and other debris but also prevents these particles from clogging it and reducing its efficiency.

Steam Function
The steam function in this washing machine can ensure that even your heavily soiled workout gear is thoroughly sanitised, giving your clothes a fresh look and feel.

Delay Start
By utilising the Delay Start, you can set your washing machine to start a pre-arranged cycle while you're at work and return home to a fresh pile of clothes.

Visible Energy Savings
When it comes to conserving energy, this 5-star SAMSUNG washing machine, with its digital inverter motor, can ensure optimal energy usage for noticeable savings on your electricity bills.

Smart Management
Integrated with Wi-Fi connectivity, this smart washing machine can connect to your home Wi-Fi system and supports advanced features for hassle-free laundry chores. In addition, with its user-friendly SmartThings app, you can conveniently program and initiate laundry cycles from your smartphone.

With self-diagnosis, this washing machine can identify and communicate potential problems, allowing for quick and efficient repairs. Thus, this feature empowers you to take proactive measures, reducing the need for urgent repairs and unplanned expenses.

Responsive Controls
The responsive touch controls of this washing machine make it a breeze to operate. Moreover, its digital LED display is designed for user convenience, providing a straightforward interface to monitor and manage wash cycles effectively.

Rear Control
You can wash your clothes with ease using the slanted Rear Control, strategically located at the back of the machine. This design ensures worry-free operation, protecting the digital panel from water splashes.

VRT Plus Technology
The VRT Plus technology minimises noise and vibration during wash cycles, thanks to a new frame design that enhances stability and reduces noisy movements. Additionally, vibration sensing technology actively detects and diminishes motor-induced vibrations for quiet operation.

Child Lock
By activating the Child Lock functionality on this washing machine, you can secure all buttons to prevent unintended changes by playful children.

Soft Closing Lid
The soft closing lid on this top-load washing machine prevents accidental slams.

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