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AI Features

Search like never before, get quick language translation on a call, convert your voice recording into text then summarise it, and effortlessly edit your photos - all with AI.

Circle It, Find It. Just like That

Search like never before with Circle to Search. Simply trace an object to get Google Search results. It’s a new visual way to find what you're looking for.

AI Can Summarise Your Voice Recordings

Ready for your own personal assistant? Record your voice and AI will jot it down—convert it into text, and then intelligently summarise it. It even does language translations.

Resize It, Retouch It. Just like That

Unlock the magic of AI-powered photo editing. Now you can effortlessly perfect your photos, ensuring every image shines. But that's not all, even if you couldn't capture the shot you wanted, Generative Edit can fill in backgrounds and make unwanted objects poof disappear.

Get the Details on Camera

Whether you're taking a super sweet selfie, shooting wide-angle pics, or zooming in, these cameras will help ensure you leave with a pixel-perfect shot.

Fortified with Space-grade Aluminum

Lighter than stainless steel, the new and improved Armor Aluminum keeps you protected during your wildest adventures with IP68 dust and water resistance, you're not sweating anything.

50 MP. Mega Mega Pixels

A true pixel powerhouse that will not disappoint. Ever. Snap high-res pics for that will no doubt withstand the test of time for years to come.

Shoot Far. Even in the Dark

Capture bright, colourful, clear photos, even in the dark with AI ISP. Finally, the portraits you've been dreaming of. Zoom in 2x, or even 3x — it doesn't really matter. Each distance can be as clear as day even though it's technically night.

Get Closer with Every Pinch

Go from 1x to 2x or even 3x. Capture shots with vivid detail at more zoom distances than before Zoom in on the action and capture enhanced details thanks to the new AI zoom solution.

Stronger Vapour Chamber. Game On

This new and improved heat dissipation system helps you keep gaming at optimal performance. The Vapour Chamber is bigger than before, with an integrated liquid-type thermal interface material.

Smarter All-day Battery

Power on. And on. And on. Galaxy S24 has an intelligent battery that gives you more watch time and time.

Bright Adaptive Mobile Display

Level up your game with the massive screen. With increased display size and ultra-slim bezel, Galaxy S24's 15.74 cm (6.2) FHD+ display offers more screen real estate than ever before. Plus, enjoy optimal colour and contrast with Vision Booster on both displays.

Quick Share Outside Your Ecosystem

You're not limited to Galaxy phones. Use QR codes and saved contacts to share with iOS users or far-away friends and family.

Switch Effortlessly from iOS

Keep your photos, videos, contacts, calendar, and apps with Smart Switch — even if you switch from iOS.

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