Color: Cream
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Product Description

Amazing Nightography

As a result of the Nightography feature on the Samsung Galaxy S23 5G's improved AI, low-light images and videos come out vibrant and colourful from twilight to morning and back again.

Powerful Snapdragon Processor

This phone's Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor enables fast gaming and video streaming, as well as extended battery life to get you through even a tough day.

Eco-friendly Design

This phone, which is made of recycled glass and PET film and is coloured with organic dyes, is packaged in a casing made of recycled paper and protective film deduced from paper.

Expert RAW Feature

You can conveniently open Expert RAW to take high-resolution RAW photos that are full of detail and brightness. Then turn your attention to the heavens as the camera gathers light to capture planets and constellations with astonishing clarity.

Smooth Scrolling

With adaptive outdoor visibility, you can game or stream anywhere with fine colour and brightness. The scrolling is made smooth by adaptive 120 Hz, and Eye Comfort Shield prevents eye fatigue even while viewing in low light.

High Productivity

With a powerful and quick-charging battery built into this phone, you can play your favourite games and binge-watch your favourite television shows without any interruptions.

Immaculate User Experience

When inspiration is at its peak, combine your phone and computer for a 2-for-1 experience. You can drag and drop, copy and paste, and text on both devices without swapping your mouse, keyboard, or touchpad for your productive screen time.

One UI Brilliance

One UI optimises flexibility by enabling you to choose practically every aspect, from widgets and notifications to lock screens and themes. This way, setting up your phone just for you is a breeze.

Incredible Connectivity

You're ready to go with only a quick Wi-Fi transfer or rapid login to your Samsung Account. You can transfer your applications, images, texts, and more from any OS to your new phone in even fewer steps.

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