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Digital Inverter Technology (DIT)

Thanks to its Digital Inverter technology, the Samsung Refrigerator facilitates energy efficiency, low operational noise, and long-lasting durability. Additionally, in response to the cooling requirements, this refrigerator's Digital Inverter Compressor automatically modifies its speed.

Stabiliser-free Operation

As this refrigerator functions with a wide voltage range of 100 V to up to 300 V, it is protected from voltage fluctuations. In addition, its stabiliser-free operation enables it to continue operating smoothly and stably. Besides, if there's a significant increase in the voltage, the power is immediately cut off to prevent electrical damage.

Base Stand with Drawer

You can keep your vegetables at room temperature in this refrigerator. Its lower section has a sizable base stand drawer that is a practical spot to keep all of your food items, including onions and potatoes, that do not need cooling. This way, you won't have to lose kitchen space or use additional storage baskets.

Additional Bottle Space

Without taking up additional space, this refrigerator's Deep Door Guard can securely store big bottles, large milk and juice cartons, and other beverages. Besides, you can keep up to three 2 L bottles along with a 1 L bottle inside the door at once.

Fresh Room

Featuring a Fresh Room, this refrigerator has a significantly cool section that offers freshness even if the door is opened frequently. So, you can store your green salad and dairy products, including cheese, in this place to keep them fresh for a long period of time.

Operates on Home Inverter+

This Smart Connect Inverter technology-enabled refrigerator can continue to operate even when there is a power outage, ensuring that your food is always fresh.

Runs with Solar Energy

As it produces electricity with a voltage range of 100 V to 300 V using a solar panel, this refrigerator can help with environmental protection. And, its solar charge controller regulates the voltage and current in the batteries. Moreover, the SPCU draws electricity from the batteries' stored energy in the evening to run this refrigerator.

Safe Clean Back

Owing to its Safe Clean Back, this refrigerator features a smooth safety cover that safeguards its internal essential parts and can conveniently be wiped clean. It protects them from accidental bumps and knocks as well as extends their lifespan and gives them a clean appearance.

Antibacterial Gasket

Sporting an antibacterial gasket, this refrigerator ensures that its door liner stays clean, while also preventing fungus and bacteria from building up inside. This keeps everything in the refrigerator clean and prevents food from spoiling rapidly.

Freezer Room

With a freezer room, this refrigerator provides rapid cooling to keep your food fresh, and drinks cold and offers large quantities of ice. With the simple touch of a button, this refrigerator's Power Cool rapidly cools down food stored on the fridge shelves while Power Freeze quickly makes ice.

Bright Lamp

Equipped with a safe and energy-efficient bright lamp inside, this refrigerator ensures that finding your food and fresh items is a breeze.

Sturdy Shelves

Constructed with toughened glass, this refrigerator's shelves can effortlessly and securely support loads weighing up to 175 kg. This allows you to easily store even heavy food containers and utensils.

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