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Product Description
Digital Inverter Technology (DIT)

Owing to its Digital Inverter technology, the Samsung Refrigerator ensures energy-efficient, low-noise, and durable performance. Additionally, this refrigerator's Digital Inverter Compressor automatically modifies its speed in response to the need for cooling.

Stabiliser-free Operation

As this refrigerator functions with a wide voltage range of 100 V to up to 300 V, it is safeguarded against power fluctuations. And, the stabiliser-free operation helps this refrigerator operate in a steady and reliable manner. Moreover, in case the voltage is too high, this refrigerator automatically switches off the power and ensures optimal safety against electrical damage.

Adequate Bottle Space

Sporting a Deep Door Guard, this refrigerator allows you to safely keep large bottles, milk and juice cartons, and other beverages without any space wastage. Besides, this can accommodate up to three 2 L bottles and a 1 L bottle in the door section simultaneously.

Fresh Room

Boasting a fresh room, this refrigerator has significantly cooled compartments to offer long-lasting freshness even if the door is frequently opened. So, you can conveniently keep your green salad and dairy products, such as cheese, inside this place to keep them fresh for an extended period of time.

Functional with Home Inverter+

This refrigerator's Smart Connect Inverter technology enables it to function even during power outages, ensuring that your food will always be fresh and safe to consume.

Solar Energy Operation

Courtesy of its solar panel-power electricity within 100 V to up to 300 V voltage range, this refrigerator can help conserve energy. Its solar charge controller regulates the current and voltage in the batteries. And, the SPCU uses the batteries' stored energy in the evening to power the refrigerator.

Safe Clean Back

Built with a Safe Clean Back, this refrigerator has a smooth safety cover that is hassle-free to wipe clean and protects its internal important components. Additionally, it not only shields them from unintentional bumps and knocks but also adds longevity and lends an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Antibacterial Gasket

Featuring an antibacterial gasket, this refrigerator keeps its door liner clean and prevents fungus and bacteria from growing inside. This way, everything you keep inside this refrigerator stays hygienic and food doesn't spoil fast.

Fast Cooling

Boasting a freezer room, this refrigerator offers a quick cooling performance to keep your food fresh and drinks chilled, and produce more ice. Moreover, the Power Cool function quickly chills food in the refrigerator, and the Power Freeze feature quickly makes ice, both with the simple press of a button.

Clear View Lamp

With a safe and energy-efficient bright lamp inside this refrigerator, finding your food and fresh items is a breeze.

Toughened Glass Shelves

Designed using toughened glass, this refrigerator's shelves can easily and safely withstand loads as heavy as 175 kg. So, you can conveniently store heavy food containers without any worry.

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