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Product Description

Colour-rich Visuals

The advanced phosphor technology of this Samsung TV takes the UHD viewing experience to an unprecedented level. Furthermore, you can seamlessly immerse yourself in a picture that has a billion different hues of colour, and moreover, dynamic crystal colour represents realistic fluctuations so you can notice every detail.

Slender Slayer

Thanks to this TV's incredible lean design which merges effortlessly into the wall, enhancing the aesthetic appearance and feel of the room.

Crystal Processor 4K

This TV's strong 4K upscaling powered by the crystal processor ensures that you experience up to 4K resolution for your favourite entertainment enabling you to enjoy each colour in its truest form.

Smart Hub Supremacy

Samsung's unique Smart Hub emphasizes content classification and exploration, so you can spend less time surfing and more time watching your favourite TV show.

Intelligent Contrast Enhancer

This TV's contrast enhancer ensures that every picture seems more realistic and detailed. Moreover, this innovative picture technology analyses sections of each image and changes the contrast dynamically, giving the image a great feeling of depth and colour.

Incredible HDR

Owing to this TV's high dynamic range which expands the spectrum of luminance on your screen, enabling you to experience a wide range of colours and visual details in even the dark scenarios.

Mighty Motion Xcelerator

This Samsung TV intelligently assesses and adjusts pixels for the source of programmes, resulting in a spotless visual and reliability.

Terrific Auto Low Latency Mode

This TV's Auto Low Latency Mode optimises your screen so that you have increased control with minimal input latency. This way, you can get a smooth gaming experience possible without motion blur or judder.

Thrilling Object Tracking Sound

You can enjoy the nuance in every picture with soundscapes that track every move facilitated by Object Tracking Sound. In this way, you can truly comprehend the films of your favourite star.

Mind-blowing Q-Symphony Advantage

The Q-Symphony feature on this TV lets you immerse yourself in flawlessly synchronised sound. Furthermore, your soundbar and TV speakers are connected so that they can work together to produce superior stereo sound effects without shutting out your TV speakers.

Adaptive Audio

The acoustic scenic cognition in this TV's adaptive sound improves audio based on real-time scene assessment by content genre. Thus, the Samsung TV sets up the appropriate mood for you to enjoy your favourite programme.

Eco-friendly Remote

With the eco-friendly SolarCell Remote, which has a solar panel on the rear, you can bid farewell to throwaway batteries. Furthermore, the Voice Assistant feature is facilitated by the built-in microphone, delivering a top-notch performance.

Versatile Arrangement

You can easily change your home interior into a party setting by modifying the frame to your preferred elevation and enabling space for a soundbar and other appliances.

Smartly SmartThings

Allow SmartThings, featured in this TV, to control your home in a simple way by sensing, integrating, and monitoring your smart devices surrounding your TV. Additionally, the built-in hub provides a great connection without the need for additional devices.

Dual Voice Assistant Superiority

The built-in voice assistants provide a superior entertainment encounter as well as smart home control. Moreover, you can avail the privileges of two voice assistants, Bixby or Amazon Alexa delivering a classy experience.

Easy Connectivity

On your TV, you can seamlessly connect your Laptop, tablet, and smartphone and enjoy your favourite content on a widescreen.

Entertainment Unleashed

With this Samsung TV, you can easily get access to a vast array of entertainment options and discover innovative applications in entertainment, gaming, education, and lifestyle, as well as old favourites like Netflix, Disney+, and Apple TV+.

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