SAMSUNG F54 5G, 8/256

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Presenting the Galaxy F54 5G

This incredibly built F54 5G mobile is a phone with all the latest updates and features. Loaded with a host of commendable specs, this phone is sure to impress you with all its excellent, unique attributes.

Built with the Nightography Mode

With this magnificently crafted Galaxy F54 phone, you can always aim for the stars. Built with Pixel Binning and applying AI technologies, this 108 MP camera gives you extra brightness, detailed shots, and allows you to take clear pictures and videos from dusk until dawn.

No Shake Cam for Excellent Shots

Take breathtaking shots without any quivering and capture stunning moments in videos with up to 1.5 degrees of OIS and 1000 Hz of VDIS using your hand movements. Now, shake-free videos and blur-free shots can be captured anytime.

Unique Camera Modes

Take a single shot on the F54 mobile camera and get multiple outputs. Play with your camera as you like, as it lets you take videos in various interesting formats like boomerang, hyperlapse, collage—all with just a single tap.

Perfect Your Carousal Shots

Loaded with a myriad of interesting features, you can automatically work on the images to clear imperfections using the Photo Remaster tool and erase unwanted objects, reflections, shadows, or photo bombers using the Object Eraser tool. Enjoy taking pictures in 16 various fun modes while enjoying your alone time.

Night Magic with Astrolapse

Capture mesmerising videos in Astrolapse mode and play the night on loop. With the Astro Hyperlapse camera available in the Galaxy F54 5G mobile, you can take stunning videos and see for yourself the magic of nightlife.

Auto Night Mode Selfie Camera

The auto night mode feature available on this 32 MP selfie camera can take beautiful selfie pictures and 4K selfie videos. Pose for your selfies with all your energy, as the auto frame per second feature automatically balances the frames when taking photos or videos in dim or low light.

Phenomenal Revolutionary Design

With a revolutionary design piece with its glossy look, you are going to flaunt your Galaxy F54 phone in style with its premium touch and metallic finish.

5 Years of Security Updates

With a full 5 years of security patches and updates, your phone has an extraordinary software that provides updates for up to 4 generations.

Samsung Digital Wallet

Upgrade your financial security with Samsung’s digital wallet, where you can readily access all your credit cards, boarding passes, digital IDs, passwords, important documents, and more, all at one spot—anytime, anywhere in the world.

One Core UI Features

Your UI experience is elevated to another level with Samsung’s revolutionary One UI feature, which provides a plethora of benefits. The UI attributes include the ability to filter out background noise using the Voice Focus feature, customising your phone, stickers and avatars that can be personalised your way, and more.

Boundless Entertainment

Designed with a 16.95 cm (6.7) FHD display that combines a super AMOLED screen with 120 Hz refresh rates, this Galaxy series phone is sure to thrill you all day with its boundless entertainment. With the addition of the Plus Eye Comfort Shield, which protects your eyes against emissions from blue light, you get to witness a super immersive experience—all the time.

Robust Battery and Enormous Capacity

Built with a massive 6000 mAh sturdy battery, you can use your phone for two days straight on a single charge and still continue to use your favourite apps.

Samsung Exynos 1380 Processor

Upgrade your performance by upgrading your processor. This stunning Samsung Galaxy F54 smartphone is constructed with a powerful Samsung Exynos 1380 processor that provides you with 16 GB of RAM with RAM Plus. You also get an enormous storage space of 256 GB that can be expanded up to 1TB. So your favourite content is at your fingertips and can be accessed anytime, right on your phone.

5G for Quick Connectivity

In this fast-paced world, a 5G-connected phone is the need of the hour. This phone offers you a blazing-fast connection that lets you stay connected no matter where you are.

Eco-conscious Innovation

This mobile phone is eco-consciously built to help create a sustainable environment. The side keys and SIM trays on this phone are made of recycled plastic. Your phone packaging is kept minimal with recycled paper and uses no hazardous substances that pose any potential threat.

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