SAMSUNG A25 5G 8/256

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Product Description

Boosted for Brilliance

Prepare to be mesmerised by the Galaxy A25 5G's 16.42 cm Super AMOLED display that boasts rich colours and intricate details at a remarkable 1,000 nits brightness. The Vision Booster ensures crystal-clear outdoor visibility, while the Eye Comfort Shield3 takes care of your eyes day and night by reducing harmful blue light. It's not just a display; it's a visual masterpiece.

Steady Videos, Smooth Movement

Experience cinematic videography with OIS and VDIS working in harmony. The Galaxy A25 5G stabilises your videos with a jaw-dropping 500 Hz motion sampling rate, ensuring you capture every moment with precision, whether you're on the move or navigating rough terrain. Say goodbye to shaky footage and hello to professional-grade stability.

50 MP for Serious Photography

Unleash your inner photographer with the 50 MP Main camera equipped with OIS. Your Galaxy A25 5G is primed to capture high-resolution images, delivering clarity and detail in every shot. It's not just a camera; it's a portal to a world of photography possibilities.

Upgraded for Your Selfie Needs

Elevate your selfie game with the enhanced 13 MP Front camera. Your self-portraits will be crisp, clear, and Instagram-ready. The Galaxy A25 5G ensures that every selfie is a masterpiece.

Don’t Just Edit, Erase

Enter the realm of photo perfection with the Object Eraser. Remove unwanted objects, shadows, reflections, and more with just a tap. Your photos, your rules – edit with ease.

Make Great Shots Awesome

Let AI enhance your photography with the Image Remaster tool. Reduce noise, eliminate blur, and transform your clicks into visual masterpieces. It's not just a photo; it's an artistic expression. Also, experience the freedom to edit with a simple tap. Clip the subject of your photo, make a sticker, and let your creativity flow with Image Clipper. Your photos, your style, effortlessly.

Capture It Once, Unlock Multiple Perspectives

Clip the subject of your photo with just a tap. Make a sticker, edit, and let your creativity flow with Image Clipper. Your photos are not just moments; they are stories waiting to be told.

Privacy and Security Knox Vault

Your data, your fortress. Samsung Knox Vault ensures that your private information, from passwords to PINs, is stored in a tamper-resistant space, protecting against threats like voltage, glitches, high temperature, and laser attacks. It's not just security; it's peace of mind.

Your Privacy, Secured by Knox

Keep your sensitive data in an encrypted space with the Secure Folder, protected by Samsung Knox. Your personal space, your rules – it's not just a folder; it's your digital sanctuary.

Keep All Your Passwords at Your Fingertips

Embrace the future with Passkeys. Scan your fingerprint to access every password seamlessly. It's not just convenience; it's the evolution of security.

More Reasons to Feel Secure

Your device is your ally. With up to 4 generations of OS updates and 5-year security maintenance, the Galaxy A25 5G ensures your device experience is smooth sailing. It's not just a phone; it's a commitment to your digital well-being.

Fast, Spacious, and Mighty

Power through tasks with the Exynos 1280 processor, 8 GB memory, and 128 GB/256 GB storage options. Need more space? Expand up to 1 TB with a microSD card. Coupled with the speed of 5G, it's not just a phone; it's a powerhouse.

Power up with Super Fast Charging

Stay connected with a robust 5000 mAh battery that recharges in a flash with Super Fast Charging. Your Galaxy A25 5G is not just a device; it's your reliable companion on the go.

Embrace Yourself with Sound

Immerse yourself in audio excellence with Dolby Atmos. Your songs and videos transform into pure audio experiences. It's not just sound; it's a symphony for your senses.

Unlock with Your Fingerprint

Your security, your way. The side fingerprint sensor, double-checked, ensures that only your fingerprint unlocks your Galaxy A25 5G. It's not just accessed; it's personalised security.

Smart Switch

Seamless transition awaits with Smart Switch. Pick up right where you left off on your new Samsung Galaxy device. It's not just a transfer; it's continuity.

Quick Share

Sharing is made swift and secure. Share files, photos, and documents effortlessly with Quick Share. It's not just sharing; it's a seamless connection.

Connected Experience

Boost your productivity and creativity across Samsung Galaxy devices. Your devices, working in harmony – it's not just connectivity; it's a connected experience.

Store All Your Essentials on Your Phone

Samsung Wallet keeps your essentials secure on the go, from payment cards to documents. It's not just a wallet; it's your pocket-sized vault.

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