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  • TDS Removal:- Upto 1000 ;
  • Tank Capacity:- 9 Litres ;
  • Purification Capacity:- 12 litres/hour ;
  • Filtration Process:- 8 Stage ;
  • Booster Pump:- 100 GPD ;
  • Power Consumption:- 10 W

Product Features

  • Improves taste, odour and appearance of water
  • Highly effective purification process
  • Gives pure, tastiest & healthiest water
  • Consumes less energy
  • Flushes away pollutants, does not collect them.
  • Easy to keep it clean
  • Low production cost-gives you water of a guaranteed quality for pennies per litre
  • Enhances PH Level
  • PH Reduces ORP
  • Very convenient
  • Removes Bacteria


Hydration: Alkaline water has smaller molecular content making it easier to absorb. Body hydrates more effectively by drinking alkaline water instead of normal water.*Detoxification: Alkaline water washes away toxins of the body.*Balanced Body pH: Modern day diet contains lots of fatty substances. cheese ,butter etc. Which contributes to an overly acidic condition. Alkaline water help neutralize the acid levels helping the body to function in optimum condition


  • Weight loss: Junk food creates more fat cells.
  • Drinking alkaline water *Anti-Oxidant/Anti-Aging: Free radicals are groups of atoms that can damage body over time.
  • They are harmful products of metabolism.
  • Alkaline water releases antioxidants. Antioxidants are proven to slow down aging. *Immune system: Keeping the body in more alkaline state will boost the immune system. Natural effect of neutralizing free radicals and helping to cleanse body of toxins
  • Packing Dimension(cm) W x H x L:- 34.5 X 35 X 62 *
  • Net Weight:- 7 KG (Approx)


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