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Equipped with a Built-In Heater, the machine thoroughly removes Stubborn Dirt and Stains with Hot Water and a Scrub-Wash effect. The Built-In Heater maintains a high water temperature during washing to effectively wash off stains that are hard to remove with cold water.

Being an Inverter washing machine, it adjust the energy consumption at the optimum level in accordance with the required power.




1400 RPM

At 1400 RPM, this washing machine not only efficiently washes your clothes far quicker than it usually takes, but also makes your life easy.


Enjoy Energy Saving and Comfort

The Inverter provides a host of benefits for your comfort, such as constantly maintaining a set water level, a wider power output range, reduced noise levels. and energy savings.

Active Foam System

Lifts Stains Away With Fine Foam

The Active Foam System creates fine, high-density foam before the washing cycle starts. The foam lifts, separates and removes dirt particles from deep within the fibers. Clothes get soaked along with the detergent. Foam sticks to the stains and soaks the dirt particles. Dirt is pulled out of the fine fibers and is washed away with the powerful flow of the water.




Gentle Hand Wash

Better Than Hand Wash

Just put clothes on the Gentle Hand Wash Net in the tub. You can wash delicate items at home you previously hand-washed or had dry-cleaned. Foam and water pour powerfully down on clothes and thoroughly clean them by pressing on them. This provides a gentle push wash effect to easily remove dirt.

Hexa Cube Drum

The cube-shaped drum has been designed to prevent fabrics from getting damaged. Smaller outlet water holes enable the drum to create tiny flows to penetrate the fabric for better cleaning.

Hygiene Pro

99.99% Bacteria Elimination

The Heater is installed in the Outer Tub and the water is directly warmed up which gives effortless washing to remove Stains, Bacteria, Oil and Sebum. The Built-In Heater functionality also sanitizes clothes by eliminating 99.99% germs.




Pause 'N' Add

Meet Convenience

With this feature, you can add clothes anytime during the cycle. This makes it convenient for you to add clothes that you may have forgotten to add at the start of the cycle and also for clothes that require a short wash.

16 Wash Programs

Pre-Set Wash Programs

Choose from a range of washing programs as per the fabric type & your washing preferences.


  • Baby Care
  • Cotton
  • Synthetic
  • Sportswear
  • Active Speed
  • Gentle hand Wash
  • Jeans


Brisk Wash

Running out of time?

Now wash + rinse + spin your everyday clothes in just 15 minutes without hindering the wash quality. This type of wash is most suitable for daily-wear clothes or when you're hard pressed for time.

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