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Comprehensive Cooling

Owing to a large indoor unit, the Onida IR123MAG 1-ton Split Inverter Air Conditioner provides an efficient cooling experience.

FLEXI 5 Feature

Equipped with the FLEXI 5 feature, this air conditioner provides real-time customisation of its cooling capacity as per your requirement.

Personalised Experience

Featuring remote sensor technology, this air conditioner detects the ambient temperature around its remote in order to deliver the required cooling experience.

Two-way Swing

Sporting a two-way swing allows this air conditioner to deliver air horizontally, making it easy for you to adjust the airflow.

BLDC Technology

Courtesy of its BLDC technology, the motor allows for multiple benefits like hassle-free maintenance, ergonomic structure, and dependable operation, enabling the air conditioner to provide enhanced and optimum cooling.

Prevents Coil from Freezing

Sporting an anti-freeze thermostat, this air conditioner prevents its coil from freezing even during freezing process conditions.

Hassle-free Installation

Ensuring a hassle-free installation process, piping of up to 25 m is included with this air conditioner, allowing you to set up both units as per your requirement.

Corrosion-resistant Fins

Ensuring a long-lasting performance, this air conditioner uses Blue fin condenser coils. Coated with an anti-corrosive substance, these coils are protected from harsh climates, enhancing their longevity.

Noise-free Operation

Thanks to its compressor acoustic jacket, this air conditioner eliminates loud noises during operations.

450 mm Fan

Fitted with a 450 mm fan, the outdoor unit of this air conditioner is designed to provide you with a thorough cooling experience.

High-temperature Friendly

Designed to perform in extreme weather conditions, this air conditioner comes with a Max Ambient Temperature feature, allowing it to cool even in temperatures as high as up to 55° C.

Air Dry Technology

Integrating an air dry technology, this air conditioner incorporates a mode where the fan blower stays on even after the AC is switched off. This allows the evaporator coil to dry up, preventing the growth of fungus and mould and ensuring odour-free and hygienic air circulation.

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