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Product Description

Large Indoor Unit

Featuring a large indoor unit, the Onida Trendy Air Conditioner can facilitate powerful cooling performance.


Integrated with the FLEXI 5 feature, this air conditioner gives you the flexibility to adjust the cooling capacity whenever you need to.

User-friendly Operation

Sporting Remote Sensor technology, this air conditioner detects the temperature around it and then sets the appropriate temperature, providing comfortable cooling.

Four-way Swing

Thanks to its four-way swing, this air conditioner can distribute air both horizontally and vertically, making it simple to precisely tweak the airflow.

BLDC Technology

Leveraging BLDC technology, this air conditioner provides a number of benefits, including a simple design, stable performance, and simple AC motor maintenance. Additionally, it features strong airflow to provide you with an excellent cooling experience.

Hydrophilic Blue Fins

Courtesy of its hydrophilic technology, also known as an epoxy coating on the coils, this AC prevents water from accumulating on the fin surfaces. And, the water droplets fall down without becoming stuck to the condenser's surface.

Anti-freeze Thermostat

With an anti-freeze thermostat, this AC prevents its coil from freezing, especially in low ambient or freezing process temperatures.

Long Piping Flexibility

This air conditioner's expanded piping flexibility of up to 25 metres allows you to place your indoor and outdoor units wherever you see fit.

Corrosion-resistant Blue Fin

Boasting an anti-corrosive coating applied to its condenser coils, this AC can withstand harsh weather conditions. Over time, the blue fin condenser coils assist in minimising the need to replace the condenser.

Compressor Acoustic Jacket

Featuring a compressor acoustic jacket, this AC is specially made to reduce loud sounds when operating.

Large ODU with Big Fan

The ODU unit of this air conditioner includes an up to 450 mm large fan that helps provide you with optimal cooling.

High Cooling Performance

In case the ambient temperature is as high as 55°C, this air conditioner's Max Ambient Temperature feature can still provide effective cooling.

Air Dry Technology

Even after this air conditioner is turned off using the remote control, its Air Dry technology facilitates fan blower operation for a while. This keeps the unit dry and clean to ensure odour-free air while drying off the evaporator coil and preventing mould and fungus growth.

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