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  • TDS Removal:- Upto 2000; Tank Capacity:- 12 Litres; Purification Capacity:- 18 Ltr/hr; Filtration Process:- 8 Stage; Booster Pump:- 100 GPD; Power Consumption: 12W
  • Product Features:- Improves Taste, Odor and Appearance of Water; Highly effective purification process; Gives the purest, tastiest and healthiest water; consumes less energy; Removes pollutants, doesn't collect them. Easy to keep it clean; Low production cost - gives you guaranteed quality water for pennies per litre; Raises PH level; Lowers PH ORP; very convenient; removes bacteria
  • NATRAJ ALKALINE ROWATER :-> HYDRATION: Alkaline water has smaller molecular content which makes it easier to absorb. Drinking alkaline water instead of normal water hydrates the body more effectively. *Detoxification: Alkaline water washes away toxins from the body. *Balanced Body pH: The modern day diet consists of a lot of fatty substances. Cheese, butter etc. Which contributes to the highly acidic condition. Alkaline fat helps to neutralize acid levels which helps the body to function in optimum condition
  • NATRAJ ALKALINE ROWATER (1) :-> WEIGHT LOSS: Junk food creates more fat cells. Drinking Alkaline Water Antioxidant/Anti-Aging: Free radicals are groups of atoms that can damage the body over time. They are harmful products of metabolism. Alkaline water releases antioxidants. Antioxidants are proven to slow down aging. *Immune System: Keeping the body in a more alkaline state will boost the immune system. Natural effect of neutralizing free radicals and helping to cleanse the body of toxins
  • Packing Dimensions (cm) W x H x L:- 25.5 X 45 X 73 * Net Weight:- 10 KG (Approx)

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