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Product Description
You can use the Luminous Eco Watt Neo 800 Square Wave Inverter at home or offices to keep your gadgets and appliances running during power cuts. Its high capacity of 700 VA makes it capable of offering long backup while ensuring smooth operation. Also, this inverter is designed to handle the extra load to power heavy applications. Moreover, in case the input voltage is as low as 100 V AC, this inverter still continues to charge its battery for an interruption-free experience each time.
High Capacity

Boasting a capacity of 700 VA and a rated power of 588 W, this inverter smoothly performs its functions while offering backup durability.

Extra Load-handling Capacity

This inverter is designed to handle the extra load so that you can run heavy applications on it.

Low Voltage Charging

Even when the input voltage is as low as 100 V AC, this inverter keeps charging its battery to ensure a long backup.

Three-stage Charging

Employing three-stage charging, this inverter safely charges its battery while ensuring an extended lifespan.

Intelligent Thermal Management System

An intelligent thermal management system in this inverter immediately shuts down in case of overheating to offer safety to your appliances.

Supports the ECO Mode

On ECO Mode, this inverter can run between 180 to 260 V, ensuring the safety of your sensitive appliances. Also, you can use it in UPS mode for other devices.

Versatile Battery Options

You can use a flat plate, tubular, VRLA, and other inverter batteries with this inverter.

LED Display

An LED screen on this inverter lets you check the status and faults so that you are always aware of them.

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