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Defrost 2.0

Say farewell to the age-old headaches of defrosting. Liebherr's Defrost 2.0 revolutionises this process, ensuring that water overflow is a worry of the past. A heating coil discreetly placed inside the drain tray ensures that all collected water is efficiently evaporated. You'll never have to move the refrigerator away from the wall to clear or drain water again. Liebherr believes in making your life easier, one thaw at a time.

Widest Refrigerator

Imagine a refrigerator that offers you the widest space imaginable. Liebherr's refrigerator boasts an impressive width of 600 mm, providing maximum storage capacity. Whether you're stocking up on fresh produce, beverages, or culinary delights, you'll appreciate the spaciousness that allows you to keep everything organised and within easy reach.

LED Lighting

Experience even lighting and optimal illumination with Liebherr's energy-efficient LED lighting. These long-lasting LEDs offer maintenance-free operation, ensuring that the interior of your refrigerator is perfectly lit at all times. Additionally, their low heat emission keeps your fresh food items safely stored, extending their shelf life. Enjoy a brilliantly lit interior every time you open the door.

Stabiliser-free Operation

Enjoy peace of mind with Liebherr's stabiliser-free operation. This refrigerator offers protection against minor voltage fluctuations without the need for an external stabiliser. Your appliance is designed to adapt and perform optimally, regardless of minor power variations. Liebherr believes in keeping your cooling experience smooth and uninterrupted.

Low Voltage Startability

Liebherr's next-gen compressor is designed to function seamlessly even in the face of minor voltage fluctuations. It operates within a wider voltage range, from 100 V to 285 V, ensuring that your refrigerator keeps your food fresh and cool, no matter the electrical circumstances. Reliability meets adaptability with Liebherr.

Adjustable Shelves

Store bottles and daily essentials with ease, thanks to Liebherr's adjustable shelves. The refrigerator door racks can be effortlessly adjusted in height to accommodate items of various sizes. No more struggling to make things fit; Liebherr ensures that your refrigerator adapts to your needs.

Chiller Tray

Delicate and sensitive food items, such as milk pouches and dairy products, deserve a special place to stay fresh. Liebherr's chiller tray provides precisely that. Your dairy treasures are stored separately, preserving their freshness and ensuring they are ready for your culinary creations.

Ice Cube Tray

Liebherr understands the need for convenience, especially when it comes to ice. The generously sized ice cube tray offers convenient water refilling and hassle-free removal of ice cubes. Simply place it where needed in the freezer and enjoy refreshing drinks with ease.

Runs on home inverter

It has the capability to operate seamlessly during power outages by swiftly transitioning to power provided by a home inverter.

Egg Trays

The design of Liebherr's egg tray ensures the safe storage of delicate eggs. Storing them with their pointed ends down helps extend their shelf life. Liebherr's meticulous attention to detail keeps your eggs safe and fresh, ready to elevate your culinary endeavours.

Temperature Control

With Liebherr's user-friendly temperature control dial, you have the power to ensure that both the refrigerator and freezer compartments maintain the correct temperatures. No more guessing; Liebherr meets your cooling requirements with elegance and precision.

Toughened Glass Shelves

Liebherr's toughened glass shelves are not only super-strong but also exude style and sophistication. Crafted with top-quality glass, they can withstand weights of up to 150 kg. Your refrigerator shelves are designed to hold all your culinary delights with grace and resilience.

Extra-large Door Shelves

Liebherr's extra-large door shelves are a practical storage solution for bottles and various-sized items. They can even be divided into two compartments, providing you with even more flexibility. Liebherr believes in making organisation effortless and stylish.

Recess Door Profile

Liebherr prioritises ease of use with the Recess Door Profile. Opening the door is a breeze, ensuring absolute comfort and saving you precious space in your kitchen. Liebherr's commitment to ergonomics ensures that every interaction with your refrigerator is a seamless experience.

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