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  • Product Description

    RO Filtration System

    This water purifier makes use of a 5-stage RO filtration system to ensure that purified water isn’t mixed with impure water. It also retains the essential minerals in the water for health benefits.

    Dual Protection Stainless Steel Tank

    The stainless steel tank ensures that the water remains safe for drinking with the dual protection seal. It also ensures that the drinking water stays fresh while reducing the growth of algae and bacteria. As compared to plastic tanks, this tank has up to 94.4% less E. Coli growth in 24 hours.

    Mineral Booster

    Equipped with a mineral filter, this water purifier adds and even retains the healthy minerals in the water so that it’s tastier and healthier.

    Long-term Efficiency

    This water purifier makes use of LG authorised filters and other parts that enable it to efficiently perform for a long time.

    Easy Installation

    This water purifier can be installed as per your convenience. It can be easily wall-mounted or simply placed on your kitchen counter.

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