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Energy-efficient Cooling

Courtesy of its energy-efficient operations, the LG Direct Cool Single-door Refrigerator delivers optimum cooling without consuming too much power.

Inverter Compressor

Sporting a smart inverter compressor, this refrigerator produces less noise while providing long-lasting freshness.

Smart Connect

Featuring smart connect technology, this refrigerator can draw power from your home inverter in the case of power cuts, enabling you to store foods for extended sessions without the fear of spoilage.

Solar-powered Refrigerators

With the ability to run on solar energy, this is a solar smart refrigerator. However, the solar panels need to be purchased separately as they are not supplied with this kitchen appliance.

Retains Moisture

Owing to its Moist N Fresh lattice-patterned box cover, this refrigerator helps maintain optimal moisture levels of the stored fruits and vegetables, preventing them from becoming dehydrated.

Rapid Ice-making

Boasting a powerful compressor, this refrigerator can provide you with ice within a short period.

Robust Glass Shelves

Equipped with toughened glass shelves, each shelf of this refrigerator is capable of holding a weight of up to 175 kg.

Easy-to-clean Gasket

Thanks to its easy-to-clean gasket, this refrigerator can provide you with healthy and hygienic food on a long-time basis.

Stabiliser-free Operation

Operating within a wide range of 90 V to 310 V, this refrigerator can function without a stabiliser, saving you from the trouble of purchasing one.

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