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KENT Crisp Pop-Up Toaster

Running late for work? If you do, ensure you don’t skip your breakfast. Prepare a quick and healthy morning meal with KENT Crisp Pop-Up Toaster. The appliance is really easy to use and provide you with crispy bread within minutes. The 6 heating modes help everyone in the family to have their choice of crispiness and colour. With its Reheat Function, one can warm the cold toast instantly, and use the mid cycle cancel/stop function for stopping the process in between, any time. Also, with its removable crumb tray, cleaning becomes really simple.


6 modes


Crispy Toast in Minutes

You don’t need to leave your breakfast behind because you’re running late for work. With KENT Crisp Pop-Up Toaster- all you need to do is, add your choice of bread in its wide slots, select the color and crispiness you want and that’s it. With minutes you’re ready with a healthy breakfast.

6 Heating Modes

The toaster has a feature of variable electronic timing control with 6 heating modes. With the help of this, you and your family can make toast of their preference. You can not just get the desired crispiness but can choose the colour of toast from light golden brown to deep dark.

Reheat and Mid Cycle Cancel/ Stop Function

With a few added functions toasting time becomes easier with KENT Crisp Pop-Up Toaster. Its reheat function lets you warm cold toast instantly without burning them up. The cancel function lets you stop the process in between, if required.




Removable Crumb Tray

With this amazing pop-up toaster, cleaning doesn’t look any tough. It comes with a removable crumb tray that collects all the bread crumbs, so during cleaning you can simply take it out and clean.

Auto Pop-up Function & Auto Shut-Off Function

You can even carry out other kitchen chores side-by-side because its auto pop-up function will automatically lift the toast when done, while the auto cut-off function will turn off the toaster to ensure total safety.

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