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Sandwich Grill

Sandwich Grill

KENT Sandwich Grill

When hunger strikes and you crave for a fulfilling tasty snack, KENT Sandwich Grill can become your go-to choice for such occasions. Designed to grill, toast, roast, and make sandwiches, the appliance prepare your dish quickly and efficiently. It has a non-stick ceramic coating for healthy cooking, as it uses less or no oil. Also, the material is easy to clean, thus cleaning is not a hassle at all. The grill can prepare all varieties of food, from a big stuffed burger to toasting a thin slice of bread. It is compact, so uses little space on the counter and easy storage in the kitchen shelf.




Grill, Toast, or Roast

Hungry for restaurant-like 3-layered club sandwich or want a quick snack for your afternoon break? Not just a layered sandwich but you can also toast garlic bread, or roast chicken at home easily and quickly.

Safe Cooking and Easy Cleaning

There’s so much to love about the non-stick ceramic coating of KENT Sandwich Grill. It is durable, uses less or no butter/oil, and ensures nothing sticks that makes flipping easy. The ceramic coating is also easy to clean – take a damp cloth and wipe it with ease.

Adjustable Height & Ergonomic Handle

KENT Sandwich Grill is made for almost every occasion. Thanks to its adjustable height, you can easily prepare anything from toasting a jumbo burger to grilling fish or simply roasting veggies. Also, the ergonomic handle helps you lift it with ease without having concerns of safety.




Compact Appliance

The sandwich grill is not only ideal for kitchen spaces but also takes little counter or shelf space for storage. Not just a perfect choice for home, you can take for short trips as well.

Automatic Temperature Cut Off

Constant checking might not let the right amount of heat reach your dish. With KENT Sandwich Grill, you just keep the food and once it is cooked completely, the appliance automatically shuts down, for your safety and peace of mind.

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