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Sandwich Toaster

Sandwich Toaster

KENT Sandwich Maker

If you love your sandwich like this – ‘A slice of crispy golden brown bread filled with your favorite veggies’, KENT Sandwich Maker is the ideal addition in your kitchen must-haves. The sandwich Maker can make 4 sandwiches at a time. It is designed with non-toxic ceramic coating, which is perfect for healthy cooking, uses less oil or butter and helps you take the toast out easily as nothing sticks to the surface. While the ergonomic handle is safe to touch, its locking feature lets no heat come out for perfectly toasted sandwiches. Automatic temperature cut off turns it off once done.




lock handle

auto cut

4 Sandwiches at a Time

Your last night’s leftover veggies can be turned into 4 crispy sandwiches quickly with KENT Sandwich Maker. A perfect way to prepare quick evening or on-the-go snack, this smart kitchen appliance satisfies your hunger in the tastiest crispiest way.

Non-Toxic Ceramic Coating

To keep your good health as priority, KENT Sandwich Maker is designed with non-toxic ceramic coating. This outstanding material uses less or no butter yet provides you amazingly crispy sandwiches within minutes. Also, the coating is easy to clean with a damp cloth.

Ergonomic Handle with Lock

This sandwich maker has an ergonomic handle that helps you open the Maker or lift it easily without having concerns about safety. Also, the handle locks to ensure no heat is wasted and you always get perfectly toasted crispy sandwiches.

Automatic Temperature Cut Off

You don’t need to constantly open the Maker and check whether it’s done. KENT Sandwich maker has an automatic temperature cut off feature that shuts off the appliance once done, for your safety and peace of mind.

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