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Vortex Pulsator

An inventive part of the Haier washing machine, the Vortex Pulsator is designed to offer unmatched cleaning power. The pulsator's unique swirling movement ensures that every piece of clothing is thoroughly agitated, enabling deep penetration of detergent. This ensures that even the toughest stains will be properly removed, and the gentle motion keeps your fabrics from deteriorating. Find the correct force-to-care ratio and wash your clothes to perfection every time with the Vortex Pulsator.

Magic Filter

The Magic Filter is a little but mighty component that ensures your clothing comes out cleaner and fresher. Our efficient lint removal technology collects lint and debris to prevent it from sticking to your clothes. By capturing these particles, the Magic Filter reduces the need for manual lint removal and helps preserve the quality and appearance of your garments. Enjoy the convenience of cleaner laundry and the satisfaction that comes from knowing your belongings are in good hands.

Advanced Technology Spray

Make your laundry look better by using the Advanced Technology Spray feature. This ingenious gadget sprays water over the washing machine's gasket and glass to protect it from dirt and foam residue. By keeping these areas clean, the Advanced Technology Spray enhances overall washing performance and yields consistently pristine clothes. Savour the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your washing machine is equipped with the newest technology for optimal cleaning efficacy.

Castor Wheels

Haier understands how crucial convenience and adaptability are to your housekeeping. The castor wheels on this washing machine increase mobility, which is why they are attached. This is a portable gadget that you can quickly move around your home to clean hard-to-reach areas or rearrange your laundry room. With the castor wheels, moving your washing machine is no longer a difficult task but rather a simple and easy one.

Anti-rat Mesh

The Haier washing machine's Anti-rat Mesh protects your appliance. This skillfully designed component acts as a barrier to keep rodents out of the appliance and away from its internal components, protecting them from harm. By preventing rat infestations and extending the life of your washing machine, the Anti-Rat Mesh saves you money on repairs. Haier is a brand you can trust to provide exceptional performance as well as the knowledge that your appliance is secure and safe.

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