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Convertible Fridge

With the Haier 630 L HRS-682SS Frost-free Side-by-side Convertible Refrigerator, it is convenient to convert most of the space into a fridge section. So, you can have additional space to store fruits, dairy, leftover food items, and more.

Additional Space

Owing to its convertible functionality, this refrigerator lets you convert its freezer section into a fridge which provides a large space to store all your food items. In addition, it offers various modes that can enhance its efficiency and cater to your different needs.

Expert Inverter Technology

Thanks to its expert inverter technology, this refrigerator can automatically connect to your home inverter. So, even during power outages, this refrigerator can operate without any interruptions.

Deo Fresh Technology

Integrated with Deo Fresh technology, this refrigerator provides 360-degree cooling and up to 21 days of freshness.

Large Ice Maker

Featuring a jumbo ice maker, this refrigerator provides additional space in the freezer while allowing you to easily remove the ice maker.

Antibacterial Gasket

Due to its antibacterial gasket, this refrigerator ensures that fungi and bacteria won’t enter or accumulate inside. This way, your food can be stored in a safe and hygienic environment.

Door Pocket

Sporting extra storage pockets at the door, this refrigerator enables you to store a wide range of beverages and drinks.

Clean Back

Boasting a clean back, this refrigerator covers vital components to ensure your safety and renders hassle-free cleaning.

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