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460 W Powermax Wash Motor

The 460 W PowerMax Wash Motor empowers this washing machine to deliver a thorough and efficient cleaning performance. From heavy laundry items to everyday clothes, this robust motor handles it all, leaving your garments spotlessly clean and fresh.

1440 RPM Spin Motor

The 1440 RPM Spin Motor is a game-changer when it comes to drying clothes. Its high spin speed facilitates faster drying, ensuring that you have dry and ready-to-wear clothes in no time, saving you valuable hours in your busy schedule.

Spacious Drum

Say goodbye to laundry hassle, as this washing machine boasts a massive capacity to wash up to 9 king-size bedsheets at once. Now you can breeze through your laundry loads without the need for multiple wash cycles, making laundry day a breeze.

10-minute Spin Time

Equipped with a 10-minute spin time, this washing machine guarantees dryer clothes, which further translates to quicker drying times. Your laundry will be fresh and ready for the next step in no time.

Aquajet Pulsator

The 6.35 cm (2.5) Deep Aquajet Pulsator is the heart of this machine's extraordinary cleaning capabilities. Inspired by modern aircraft rotors, this aerodynamic pulsator delivers powerful turbulence and maximum contact with your clothes, ensuring a thorough scrubbing action and deep penetration of detergent-rich water into the fabric for a pristine clean.

Numerous Wash Programmes

Choose from three different wash programmes that cater to various types of laundry, allowing you to customise your washing experience to suit your needs precisely.

Crown Dials

The crown dials of this washing machine not only add a touch of regal elegance to the machine but also provide a firm grip, allowing you to effortlessly adjust settings with ease and precision.

Electromechanical Functioning

With its electromechanical functioning, operating the washing machine is a breeze. Simply select the desired wash program and duration by moving the knobs, and let the machine handle the rest, providing you with a stress-free laundry experience.

Efficient Buzzer

No more uncertainty about when your laundry is ready! The End of Cycle Buzzer notifies you when the load is finished, so you can attend to other tasks without constantly checking on the machine or waiting around.

Magic Lint Filter

The Magic Lint Filter works like magic to collect lint even at low water levels, ensuring that your clothes come out lint-free and look pristine.

Memory Backup

Power outages won't disrupt your laundry routine, thanks to the Memory Backup feature. The machine resumes from where it left off after a power outage, saving you time and effort.

Ribbed Walls

The ribbed walls inside the wash tub add an extra level of scrubbing action, ensuring that every garment receives an even and thorough clean.

Spin Shower

Bid farewell to detergent residue on your clothes, as the Spin Shower features a unique rain shower rinse mechanism that efficiently removes detergent for immaculate results.

Strong Wash Programme

For heavily soiled and dense clothes, the Strong Wash Programme comes to the rescue, handling tough stains and grime with ease.

Water Level Indicator

Set the Water Level Indicator according to your load to avoid unnecessary water usage, contributing to both water conservation and lower utility bills.

Water-protected Rear Control Panel

You don’t have to fret about accidentally splashing water on the control panel while removing clothes. The water-protected rear control panel ensures that the panel stays dry and safe, giving you added peace of mind.

Wheels for Easy Movement

Movement becomes a breeze with the two big wheels at the bottom of the washing machine. Easily shift the machine to a more convenient spot whenever needed.

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