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  • Modern Design

    Featuring toughened glass, the Godrej RT EONCRYSTAL 280B 25 RCIM OB 265 L Frost-free Refrigerator is an ideal pick as it enhances the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen.

    Nano Shield Technology

    Integrated with Nano Shield technology, this refrigerator maintains hygiene by keeping the food surface disinfected.

    Cool Balance Technology

    Equipped with Cool Balance technology, the airflow system in this refrigerator ensures that each and every part of the fridge is cooled in a uniform and precise manner.

    Long-term Freshness

    Thanks to its inbuilt Moisture Control technology and Cool Balance technology, this refrigerator ensures that your fruits and vegetables remain farm-fresh for up to 30 days.

    Cool Shower Technology

    Boasting a sophisticated Cool Shower technology, this refrigerator features shelves with in-built air vents. Moreover, these vents are strategically placed above your stored food items, ensuring 360-degree cooling.

    Detachable Ice Maker

    As per your requirements, you can move the ice maker wherever you want in the refrigerator or even remove it when not in use.

    24 Hours Cooling Retention

    Sporting thick PUF insulation, this refrigerator provides optimum cooling retention, thereby ensuring that your fruits and veggies remain fresh for an extended period of time.

    LED Prism Lens

    Every corner of this refrigerator is uniformly illuminated, thanks to its prism lens-equipped LED light. So, you can easily search for your favourite snack at night.

    Sophisticated Inverter Technology

    Using a variable-speed compressor, the Inverter technology in this refrigerator adapts its operation to offer high reliability, silent operation, and enhanced efficiency.

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