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It is essential to choose the correct stove for your kitchen that meets all of your needs and matches your available space. The all-new and efficient Faber Hilux Max 3 Burner Stainless Steel Gas Stove gives your kitchen a smart and stylish look as well as accentuates your functionality with its effective and proficient performance. With high-efficiency brass burners, even small utensils may be utilized, resulting in speedier cooking and more consistent heat distribution.

This cooktop has a rubber legs which provide strong grip to the cooktop. This cooktop has a double drip tray because double drip trays are perfect to absorb all spills on stove top, so easy to wipe them off. No messy goop or grease after cooking, just lift removable tray, clean and place it back. It has strong pan support to provide stability to your utensils while cooking. Noozle of this cooktop are 360 degree revolving so you can attach gas pipe to it without any problem. This cooktop has brass burner and intensity of flames can be controlled by its premium nylon knobs.

Experience cooking perfection with our premium quality cooktop Faber hilux cooktop with its premium looking body and design.

This cooktop comes with double drip trays. These are perfect for absorbing all spills on the stovetop, easy to wipe off. No messy goop or grease after cooking lift, the removable tray, clean, and place it back.


While you’re cooking delicious food, make sure your utensil also remains safe from burns. The cooktop’s round pan support provides complete safety against heat, significantly reducing the danger of burns, black stains and more.

Unlike the usual burners, Faber hilux Cooktops have nylon knobs, that not only look stylish but also help to reach the required flame level, effortlessly.

This cooktop has a anti skid rubber legs which provides stability to the cooktop.

This cooktop has a high class heavy brass burner which provide good level of flame while cooking.

This cooktop comes with 360 degree rotating noozle which helps you to attach gas pipe without any problelm.

This cooktop is made of strong stainless steel which not only looks premium but also provide toughness to this cooktop.

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