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Sweep and Air Delivery

Offering a sweep size of up to 400 mm and an air delivery of up to 85 CMM, the Crompton High Flo Wave Plus 60 W Pedestal Fan ensures that air flows in every corner of the room for comfort and ventilation.

Silent Operation

Built with plastic blades, this pedestal fan is designed to operate without making any loud sounds. So, while you’re working, you won’t have to get distracted by its noise.

Thermal Overload Protection

A thermal overload protector in this pedestal fan keeps the motor from experiencing an overload, thus protecting it from damage and extending its lifespan.

Smooth Oscillation

Operating with smooth oscillation, this pedestal fan distributes air at a wide angle, keeping you relaxed and cool.

Elegant Aesthetic

Designed with an elegant touch, this pedestal fan quickly blends into the home set-up to enhance its look.

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