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Make mouth-watering dishes for your family using the Crompton Instaserve Induction Cooktop. Consuming power up to 1500 W, this induction cooktop ensures your food gets cooked in a jiffy. Also, it comes with six temperature and six power levels that let you set and adjust as per your choice, to meet your varied cooking needs. This induction cooktop's overheat protection automatically sets the temperature if it gets too hot. Moreover, this induction cooktop features four pre-programmed Indian menus for a pleasant cooking experience.
Easy Maintenance

With its flat surface, this induction cooktop is easy to maintain after every cooking session. Also, it helps maintain cleanliness and hygiene.

Safe to Use

Powered by electricity, this induction cooktop does not produce any flames when in use. As a result, you can continue using it without being concerned about your safety, or the safety of your family members.

Prevents Milk Spillage

With this induction cooktop, you can boil milk easily without worrying about spills, ensuring your safety and convenience.

Ideal for Big Utensils

Thanks to its wide cooking surface, this induction cooktop distributes heat evenly and lets you use bigger utensils without worry.

Preset Indian Menus

Using the four preset Indian menus of this induction cooktop, you can prepare a variety of delectable Indian dishes.

Energy Efficient

Courtesy of its auto shut-off feature of preset menus, this induction cooktop consumes less energy. Therefore, you can keep using it without fretting about the electricity bill.

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