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If you are looking to replace your old ceiling fan, look no further. The Crompton Aura Prime Antidust Ceiling Fan will make for an apt choice for your home. It comes with 100% copper winding and double ball bearings that elongate its life. The 77 W motor and wide blades with a sweep length of 1200 mm offer high air delivery and let this ceiling fan function optimally. And, this ceiling fan comes with a special coating that keeps dust from settling onto its surface. Moreover, the two-piece construction makes this ceiling fan extremely stable and noise-free.
Wide Sweep

With a sweep length of 1200 mm, this ceiling fan offers air delivery of up to 230 cubic metres per minute at 370 RPM. So, you can relax under the cool breeze of this ceiling fan on a hot summer day.

Attractive Design

Thanks to its appealing design and flawless finish, this ceiling fan is sure to blend in with the rest of the interiors of your room.

Anti-rust Body

This ceiling fan features a robust aluminium body that makes it corrosion-resistant and easy to maintain. Also, this increases the overall life of the ceiling fan.

Two-piece Construction

The two-piece construction of this ceiling fan offers extremely stable and silent operation, even with extended usage.

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