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Stir up a hurricane-like feel within your home with this Orient 400 mm Wall 44 Wall Fan. This fan features a stylish yet aerodynamic design to provide the best of breeze that reaches out to every corner of your room with ease. The design is made to fit perfectly on your wall and features speed control which is very ergonomic and easy to use.

Cooling Capacity

The Orient 400 mm Wall 44 wall fan has an air delivery rate of 5060 cubic metre per hour along with a sweep radius of 400 mm which is very efficient and can cool your room and spread breeze across within a few seconds.

Powerful Air Throw

The Orient 400 mm Wall 44 Wall Fan features 3 blades which revolve at a rate of 1330 revolutions per minute. This provides you with enough breeze to cool you down even during the hottest of days. 

Other Important Features

This wall fan features a heavy duty motor which is very efficient and durable. It has a power consumption of 53 watt which does not burn a hole in your pocket when it comes to the electricity bills at the end of the month. The head of the fan is adjustable and can be adjusted according to your desired angle for optimum performance.

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