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BPL SATT 8.5 Kg: Semi-automatic Washing Machine with Jumbo Pulsator

Get sparkling clean clothes with the jumbo pulsator that creates powerful water currents, which dissolves the detergent better, improves wash quality, and removes odour, efficiently

Say goodbye to dust, dirt, and lint from your clothes with the power of magic filter.

Save up to 23% on your electricity bills with this 5 Star BEE-rated semi-automatic washing machine.

Machine Capacity – 8.5 Kg

Give your clothes the extra care it truly deserves with the BPL semi-automatic washing machine powered with four wash programs, dual waterfall flow, and an active soak function.

4 Wash Programs

Fabrics differ and so does their care. With four wash settings, you can decide the cleaning that goes for your specific kind of clothes.

Dual Waterfall

With the power of two waterfalls, the detergent dissolves better and spreads uniformly over the clothes, instead of a concentrated space. This improves the efficiency of rinsing and filtering

Active Soak Function

Sometimes, your clothes needs that extra soaking time to help remove the grime better. With the active soak function, the motor periodically rotates the clothes for a minute and helps loosen the dirt faster, thus enhancing the wash, further

Power up your wash cycle with the Jumbo Pulsator that uses the power of pulsation to improve the cleaning efficacy of water.

The jumbo pulsator creates powerful water currents that coaxes the detergent to dissolve better, thus improving your wash’s quality. It also removes odours, efficiently.

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As the clothes clean, the Magic Filter blocks the unwanted residue that it leaves behind.

The magic filter’s special mesh filters out the dust, dirt, and lint that is removed during the wash. This ensures your clothes remain clean and clear.

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